Karan Virwani, Founder/Partner

A serial entrepreneur with a serious appetite, Karan graduated from Kent University with a degree in business administration. Since then, he’s worked extensively in real estate (The Embassy Group), co-founded two companies (Lounge Hospitality, Lounge E-comm), and launched two successful restaurants (Sanchos, Singkong). His #1 skill? Ordering for the whole table.

Siddharth Mankani, Founder/Partner

A savvy restaurateur with a love for the finer things, Siddharth has core business experience in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, film production and real estate. He studied at the University of Westminster before co-founding Lounge Hospitality (Sanchos and Singkong) and Lounge E-comm with Karan.

Upasti Basappa, Partner

A creative powerhouse with an adventurous palate and an eye for detail, Upasti graduated from Tufts University with a degree in English Literature. She has worked in the media space for several years—most notably at Forbes Africa, media buying startup ViralGains, and creative agency Translation LLC—and is a vocal proponent of the "get it done" philosophy.

Rahul Raj, Partner

A hustler with a passion for sales, Rahul built two startups after getting his MBA from Middlesex University. The first focused on innovation in the carbon emissions industry, while the second involved compliance training. He then went on to work at Zomato where he focused on sales and launching new digital products.

Varun Kapoor, Tech/Design Partner

An innovator from the start, Varun designed his first patented product—a USB device that uses fire to charge devices—while still in university. After graduating from Bournemouth with a degree in engineering and design, he went on to work at Avon Protection, eat his way across the Asian continent, and found his own design firm, Oodi design.