About Us

Craving filet mignon while draped across your couch? Need a sumptuous salad to tide you through the mid-day slump? Looking for the best tacos in town to pair with a round of home-made margaritas? Entrée has you covered.

Entrée is a premium food-delivery service founded by a team of foodies and restaurateurs who understand the nuances of high-quality cuisine and hospitality.

At Entrée, we believe that the food available to you for delivery, should be of the same caliber as the food available to you when you dine-out. That’s why Entrée features a hand-picked selection of menu’s from some of Bangalore’s favorite dining destinations.

Designed for urbane gastronomes who enjoy eating on their terms, Entrée allows diners to order from multiple restaurants in one delivery, pre-order a meal for a later time, and customize anything to their taste. Orders can be placed on the go (iOS/Android/web), paid for by cash/card and tracked to completion, live.